Tourmaline Self Heating Support Knee Sleeve

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Long knee magnetic therapy sleeves improves blood circulation, help muscles relaxation and reduce fatigue. Can be used to alleviate muscle aches and promote injury recovery.

 Made of high-elastic fabric, which is skin-friendly, breathable, stretchable, soft and comfortable to wear. The tourmaline is a heat-sensitive material that when in contact with human skin, and the body movement, it releases energy and generates heat around the knee.

Size Guide:

M: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 30-39 cm (Suitable for weight abou t40-60kg) 

L: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 40-47 cm (Suitable for weight about 60-75kg)

XL: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 48-55 cm (Suitable for weight about75KG-95kg)