Who are we?

formyworkout.com was born out of passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle.

To us, "myworkout" means getting up at 5.30am and brave it to the gym no matter the weather. What does it mean to you?

Our background is fitness with many years of competitive training experience, fitness services management and competitive bodybuilding. It is that professional and sports background that allows us to recognize that for other people, their workout will mean a wide whole range of activities from cycling to work to weekend trek up a mountain path. 

At formyworkout.com our customers will be able to choose items for their workout from a catalogue of over 1600 products that cater for a wide range of activities and sports.

Our Products 

 We are committed to offer good quality, low-cost products that rival market leader/ high street brands in price and quality. Through our suppliers who are based all over the world, we will continuously update our stock with new items in order to always offer choice and value.

 A wide range product on offer have been tested by us! Gym clothing, smartwatches, footwear, earbuds etc... have been tested over the course of the last three years. All the items tested have proved to maintain its material integrity and function.

  What set us apart from other fitness suppliers is the recognition that fitness supplies are not just about supplying items that look good, it is also about offering goods that helps maintain and promote body functional integrity while exercising. We help our customers achieve this by offering muscle and joint support items and injury recovery aid tools such as braces, thermotherapy devices and even massage guns.  Fitness is not just about the physical exertion while working out, it is also about promoting recovery through rest and at times muscle relaxation and manipulation.

Our Service

 We operate exclusively online. Our suppliers are located in UK, EU, USA and Asia. The goods that you buy will be shipped from the nearest location where the stock is available. 

We value transparency! We are NOT a next day delivery service provider. Due to the nature of the products, location of the supplier and your local customs processes, our delivery times might range between 3 days and 3 weeks. If the items that you are looking for are not urgent, perhaps you are buying a present well ahead of time or you rather save some money and wait a bit longer, then we are the right supplier for you.