Adjustable Knee double Strap support braces and Patella Stabilizer

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Color: Double Strip 2pcs
Adjustable Knee double Strap support braces and Patella Stabilizer
Knee double Strap support braces | Patella Stabilizer

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The patella support with silicone inserts is more comfortable around the knee, it provides superior physical support and anti-slip qualities. Made from selected premium material that can be washed and dried repeatedly and is resistant to deformation and oxidation.

 Lycra fabric is soft, comfortable and elastic, which greatly improves the sultry discomfort of traditional cloth on the knee.

 The star shaped breathing hole enhances the permeability of knee strap, with superior Moisture wicking effect.

According to studies of knee care, the ergonomic 3D silicone inserts design is is proven to offer better support and protection and offers Immediate relief from knee pain caused by chronic and acute knee pain associated with, Bursitis, Patella tendinitis, strain, sprain and fatigue. Effective protection of the knee during exercise, meet the needs of sport enthusiasts and professionals.

Two stage adjustable design for different leg sizes. The adjustable knee strap is fitted for sizing upper knee of 14-21 inches in circumference and sizing lower knee of 12-18 inches in circumference. And the crisscross fixation strap keeps the tension of patella strap and never loosen during movement.