VELPEAU Shoulder Brace Support For Rotator Cuff Break, Shoulder Arthritis Arm Sling Immobilizer

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1. Lightweight And Breathable:

The whole Sling is covered with vents for maximum airflow and coolness. And the Arm Sling is made of durable and soft fabric, very suitable for Shoulder Joint Trauma, Rheumatoid Diseases and Postoperation, injury and postoperation of Rotator Cuff, Acromioclavicular Joint or Clavicle, support for Nerve Paralysis or Arm Hemiplegia.

2. Thougthful Design:

Compression and immobilization vest for the shoulder and the upper limb as a whole. Specific immobilization in position elbow to the body, the shoulder cuff perfectly matches the joint and provides natural support by reducing pressure on the cervical. And there is a practical small storage bag on the sling, you can put your phone or keys inside when you are out.

3. Reversible Design:

This Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer is fixed with high sticky Velcro and only the elbow support is removable that is easy to adjust. Two-sided model because it is reversible with its ingenious Velcro design, it can be worn around the left or right arm.

4. Suitable For Most People:

Its anatomical shape promotes correct positioning for optimal recovery in comfort. Without any neoprene or latex, no skin irritation. The whole product is filled with sponge without any hard materials and accessories, it's comfortable and soft, more suitable for sleeping.



Material: Polyester+ Cotton+ Nylon+ Polyurethane(Sponge)
S : Bust 60-75 cm
M : Bust 70-90 cm
L: Bust 90-120 cm
XL: Bust >120 cm