Magnetic Back Posture Corrector brace with adjustable Shoulder straps

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  • Supports Proper Posture and Relieves Back Pain
  • Strong breathable fabric makes it more comfortable to wear without stuffiness feeling
  • Can be directly worn under clothing
  • Adjustable straps for comfort, help pull the shoulders back to stand tall & sit up straight
  • Supporting design helps correct poor posture, pulls shoulder back to correct posture
  • Provides gentle back support, prevention of typical adolescent hunchback habits
  • Practical to wear in any place: at work, at home, exercising or shopping etc
  • Material: Neoprene / Nylon / Magnet

Size Guide (waste) :

  • S: 55-60CM
  • M: 60-70CM
  • L: 70-80CM
  • XL: 80-90CM
  • XXL: 90-100CM
  • XXXL: 95-105CM