Decompression Knee Support Pad with Patella Stabilizer

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 Fully adjustable and fitted with 2 spring steel side stays for ultimate protection and stabilization of the knee, while retaining therapeutic heat to increase circulation and promote healing while reducing the risk of reinjury. May aid in the recovery of sprains, tendonitis, helping to support and secure the patella, as well as improve shock absorption, compressive strength.

 Made of breathable, Soft, Durable latex -free fabric, two springs support will relieve pressure on the joint by preventing hyperextension.

 The Reinforced open patella design supports the kneecap, and my help support treatment of tendinitis, chondromalacia, reduce patellar wear and weak knee joints. It maximises support & maximum flexibility to help you maintain flexibility while healing.

Can be worn in multi sports and outdoor actives such as jogging, hiking, golf, walking, climbing, skiing, martial arts, cycling, power lifting, soccer, squats, strength training, workout, fitness, etc.