Corset-type Magnetic Correction back Brace with Lumbar Support

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XL 85-95cm
S 60-70cm
M 70-75cm
L 75-85cm
XXL 95-100cm


  • Can effectively correct your back shape.
  • Helps Correct your sitting posture thus promoting good for health.
  • Promotes Abdominal posture/shape
  • Offers therapeutic, healing, drug-free pain relief for an achy back.
  • Can be worn under clothes without drawing attention.
  • Material: nylon + polyurethane + magnet
  • Colour: white / black
Size Guide: 
  • S: 60-70CM
  • M: 70-75CM
  • L: 75-85CM
  • XL: 85-95CM
  • XXL: 95-105CM