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1.NEWGO Gel Bead Ice pack wrap is integrated latex-free premium PVC cover with soft plush backing filled with flexible gel beads in a leak-proof pouch, safe and comfortable, 100% pressure tested, no break, no leakage. Stay pliable after frozen that can provide highest level of comfort during treatment.

2.Ice Pack for Injuries: Microwavable ice pack with long Velcro strap allows you secure the ice pack to the needed area and stay in place. Soft to touch due to the plush material on the inside to for comfort and skin protection. Perfect shape allows large coverage to the entire lower back and van be used in other areas of the body.

3.Hot Cold Pack for Back: Drip and mess-free waist ice pack belt is a great must-have for home or clinic, easy to heat and freeze, utilize for hot or cold therapy on your back, waist, Thigh, or any large area of your body for instant pain relief & injuries treatment. Hot cold pack comes in a resealable storage bag which is made from food grade material.

4.As a healthy and safe method used in physical therapy. NEWGO hot cold packs are manufactured in CE and FDA registered company which has been specializing in manufacturing in hot/cold packs for more than 11 years.

5.NEWGO back ice pack wrap is made of premium quality and can stay flexible when chilled. Recommended therapy time of approximately for 20 minutes to achieve the full effects of icing.

6.The gel cold pack is flexible and easy to wrap around the area where needed. Hot cold ice wrap is a perfect solution for sore, aching or crooked lower back caused by long hours working or poor posture.