WristBand sighting compass, water proof, Light weight Luminous

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The WristBand sighting compass is a practical and reliable companion for your outdoor adventures. Constructed from lightweight materials and sealed for waterproofing, it features a luminous dial for easy visibility in low light conditions. With accurate readings and secure fastening, you can have the peace of mind to enjoy your activity worry-free.

working temperature range: -20 to 65 degree

water pressure resistance: 6 bar

southern hemisphere: available

sighting system: yes

scales: MM and Inch

magnetic part: powerful magnetic

With Noctilucent Display or Not: Yes

Use: Pointing Guide

Size: capsule dia. 39mm

Shockproof or Not: Yes

Outdoor Activity: HIKE

Model Number: MAW-39-M/S

Case Material: ab

Carrying Mode: Wristwatch Type

Brand Name: KANPAS

1-2-3 system: yes