Indoor Home Gym Treadmill Running Machine Monofunction Foldable with noise dumping belt

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Brilliant well designed mid-range treadmill for home with black screen/ eye protection high definition display. Features include a sophisticated 7 layer belt with shock absorption and noise dumping technology. Technical features include digital display of running data and sports indexes as well as the new micro frequency microchip technology responsible for core energy saving controls. When folded it only need 0.5sqm floor space.

Technical Information

Whether Damping: Yes

The Use: Home

Sports Programs: Manual

Specifications (Length * Width * Height): 134*65*125CM

Running Belt Area (Length * Width): 102*40CM

Maximum Load-Bearing: 120kg

Horsepower: 932W

Function: Time, Calories, Speed Adjustment, Distance, Slope

Fold: yes