Magene H64 Heart Rate Monitor Mover Bluetooth ANT Sensor With Chest Strap

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H64 HR Sensor
H303 HR Sensor
S3 and H64 Sensor
S3 and H303 Sensor
2Pcs H64 HR Sensor
2Pcs H303 HR Sensor


The Magene H64 Heart Rate Monitor Mover offers reliable performance for athletes and average users alike. Featuring Bluetooth ANT technology and a chest strap for accurate heart rate monitoring, the device delivers precision performance and respectably long battery life. Monitor your stats during any activity and maximize your training potential.

Waterproof level: IP67 splash proof

Supported chest size: 64-86cm (±2cm)

Stopwatch and Accessories: Wireless Stopwatch

Product: H64 Heart Rate Monitor

Model Number: H64/H303

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Magene