Curved Treadmill for home or commercial use with anti slip running slates

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 Curved or “C” shape treadmills are designed for natural human movement that is powered solely by your legs - No electricity is required and no top speed is set since you determine how hard you want to train which is very similar to outdoor running. The harder you push down on the belt the faster you will have to move.

 It is that self-propelling action that according to its manufacturers, curved treadmills can burn 30% more calories than a traditional electric propelled machine. Thanks to this higher intensity, curved treadmills are perfect for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

 C-shaped treadmills might make you feel off-balance at first. That is not a bad thing.  This actually forces you to maintain a proper posture which in turn forces your body to work harder naturally.

Technical Information

Features : Non-motorized - self powered, shift adjustment, 8 resistance adjustments,  aluminium alloy, Black, D-Type safety bars

Screen Type: LED Screen

Model Number: DS-R-027

Max user weight: 150KGS

Material: Steel, Steel

Function: Exercise program, Walk, jog run and sprint

Driving Type: Mechanical

Certification: CE